Sunday, April 19, 2009


Days keep sliding by. 30 of them apparently just whooshed right by me. I felt them ruffle my hair. They smelled of rain.

I could hardly walk for a couple of days after the 2 miles. I've been falling back on karate and I'm ready to test for my orange belt. I enjoy learning and challenging myself with that and I'm actually enjoying hop front kicks now when a couple of weeks ago I thought they were physically impossible. On Tuesday last week we had a REALLY intense workout and I thought I was going pass out, it felt like bootcamp used to in the beginning and I just kept reminding myself of that as I gasped and gaped. However, it's not consistent. Thursday's class was much more low key. It's definitely worthwhile and helps me with grace and balance and just learning more general kick assedness, but if I'm going to get back in the shape I was last year (YEAR??? Ugh), I need 4-5 of those a week, not just occasionally.

OBC has a camp starting in Stone Mountain at 6 am on Monday the 27th. That is the first one in my new area that starts at a reasonable time (the Lawrenceville 5:15 class just seemed a wee bit on the unfeasible side). I'm thinking about it, looking at the money and the time commitment.

Monday the 27th is also when I'm supposed to be getting divorced. Our final hearing is scheduled at 9 a.m. I'd definitely feel good walking in there with a PT test under my belt. I say supposed to be because my ex has informed the court that he can't be there and I'm waiting to see if they're going to reschedule it. I'm trying hard not to obsess over it and to just stay zen. If it isn't that Monday it will be another day. I just desperately want it to be that Monday. My therapist thinks I'm stuck until it's final. In my business, in my personal life, even in my health. I think he's right.

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